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How to make OBS Studio Footage COMPATIBLE with Premiere Pro

  Baffle     May 22, 2020

Errors importing your OBS footage? From desktop to gaming, here's the settings for OBS compatibility ...View More

Adobe will be REMOVING 70+ Fonts from Adobe Fonts! Will you be affected?

  Baffle     May 02, 2020

Adobe Fonts will be removing all fonts from Font Bureau and Carter & Cone. That equals 73 fonts incl ...View More

Super NEAT Way to Convert an M.2 SSD into a 2.5" SATA III SSD Drive!

In this video I'll be transferring an M.2 SSD (type B+M) into a SATA III Drive. There's many adaptor ...View More

Davie504 Bass Meme Editing Challenge

What's Up, SLAPPERS! Watch my EPICO @Davie504 Bass Meme Editing Challenge Video. I try meme editing ...View More

Sony Reveals NEW PlayStation 5 DUALSENSE Controller (+ REDESIGN!)

Sony has revealed their brand new PS5 controller: The DualSense! I go through what's new, plus give  ...View More

How to Install & Update Drivers on Windows 10 for FREE!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to install and update to the latest drivers in Windows 10. Wheth ...View More

PAY UP OR LEAVE - Moving in to the Get-Rich City. Cities: Skylines

So we built the most expensive city in Cities Skylines - time for houses! We transform a worm of tol ...View More

I made a Toll Booth City called PAY UP OR LEAVE - Cities: Skylines

So you're a new city and want to make a quick buck, how about making a ludicrously expensive road us ...View More

Premiere Pro 2020 File Import Error 'Not Responding' FIX!

Errors importing video? Camera footage or OBS Studio may cause problems with Premiere Pro. In my ca ...View More

Best FREE Office Suite 2020: Google Docs, WPS, LibreOffice, Office Online, OpenOffice or FreeOffice?

Whether you're writing a letter in Word, organising bills in Excel or preparing a PowerPoint, Office ...View More

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